Wednesday, May 19, 2010

w/ Rundown & The Fins this Saturday at The Wedge (STL)

Saturday, May 22nd at The Wedge (442 Bates St)
Rundown - A mysterious group, they've been together for a few years and played only a handful of shows. Members of Formaldahyde Junkies, half of Doom Town, and the poetic Joe Sulier of Get Born fame on vocals. They closed the end of Rob Ruzicka's 30th Bday Fest last month and it looks like they're deciding to play regularly. Ya can't pin 'em down, ya shan't miss em.

The Fins - The Collinsville/Belleville/O'Fallon Triangle has been bringing our town some of the best punk bands of the past few years: Sweet Tooth/Trenchfoot/Shaved Women/Whompers. This is their surf band, with the talented members of these good bands playing the wrong instruments. They'll ruin your girlfriend's day at the beach.

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